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mass merge duplicates

The Power of Deduplication

Data duplication is a common challenge faced by organizations using Salesforce. Duplicate records can lead to wasted resources, inaccurate reporting, and a disjointed customer experience. To overcome this hurdle, deduplication becomes essential. Deduplication is the process of identifying and merging duplicate data within Salesforce, ensuring data integrity and improving overall data quality.

enable zaapit layout editor

Setting your user as the app’s admin in ZAAPIT for Salesforce

You shoud do that if you can’t see the Mass update/actions all buttons: Please mark the layout editor checkbox and unmark the view editor checkbox for your user, add the fields to the layout if you can’t find them under your user, after doing that you will be able to create a merge job.

alternative to excel connector

Looking for an alternative to salesforce excel connector? (for Mac and Windows?)

Looking for a  Mac/Windows alternative to the retiried Excel Connector? Many companies used salesforce excel connector + Microsoft Excel for bulk updates and general data maintenance tasks. The constant process of exporting segments, identifying issues, performing refershes, and re-importing that data back into Salesforce is extremely time-consuming and prone to complications.

Track Field History for Tasks

Track Field History for Tasks for Salesforce

A lot of Salesforce users & admins have asked for a task history tracking option in Salesforce in order to track status & comment changes or to generate global usage/trend report.It is now possible to do that with the following app & package, just install ZaapIT + History Tracking package (3 steps):

mass convert leads for Salesforce

Mass Lead Convert in Salesforce lightning LEX

The following example will show you how preforms bulk lead convert in Salesforce lightning (LEX). The below process can convert multiple leads records in bulk and merge them with existing/matching contacts & accounts (the app uses the lead’s email & company name to find existing/matching contacts & accounts).

Mass emails for Salesforce

Sending Bulk Emails to every Contact / Lead

Did you ever wanted to send bulk emails to every Contact / Lead within Salesforce and track the open rate?

Automatic Lead-convert in Salesforce

The following example will show you how to setup an automatic lead-convert process with a custom convert criteria.

Fuzzy de-duplication within Salesforce

The following example will show you how to setup a fuzzy duplicates list-view with a mass-merge option using a formula within Salesforce.

mass update all rows

How to set new value in bulk using formulas?

The following is a step-by-step guide that explain how to set a new field value in bulk using a custom formula on a subset of your records / all records (without coding).

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