Adding a user to your ZaapIT Tools license

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adding a user to the zaapit license

To add a user to your ZaapIT Tools license, go to the user details page: Salesforce setup> manage users> users> search for the user and click the record that you want to view and do the following:

1. Add the zaapit tools package for the user under the relevant related list:

2. Add the ZaapIT apps1 permission set for admins, use the ZaapIT app2 permission set for non-admin. ZaapIT app2 will not show any app it is just the minimal permissions needed in terms of pages and objects. For non-admins an admin should add the relevant tabs/apps that are right for a user via a custom permission set of via Salesforce’s profiles.

3. Mark the relevant edit layout / view editor checkboxes under the user-detalils page, add the checkboxes to the layout if you can’t see them.

If you don’t have zaapit yet, its time to try it out!


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