How to Mass Merge contacts using a CSV file

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Mass merge using csv file

  1. Navigate to Object Manager: Go to the Salesforce setup menu and open the Object Manager.
  2. Select Contact Object: Choose the Contact object from the list.
  3. Add a Custom Field: Create a new custom field of type Text and name it “GroupID”. This field will hold the GroupID for each set of duplicate records.

Step 2: Update the GroupID Field with CSV

  1. Prepare the CSV File: Create a CSV file that includes the contact records you want to merge. Each record should have a column for the GroupID. Use the master record ID as the GroupID for all duplicates.
  2. Import CSV File:
    • Option 1: Salesforce Data Import Wizard: Go to the Data Import Wizard in Salesforce, choose the Update option, and upload your CSV file.
    • Option 2: DataLoader: Use DataLoader to import the CSV file and update the GroupID field for the relevant contacts.
    • Option 3: ZaapIT Import: Use ZaapIT’s import functionality to update the GroupID field directly.
  1. Open ZaapIT: Navigate to ZaapIT within Salesforce.
  2. Create a New Merge Job: Start a new merge job and set the criteria.
  3. Set GroupID as Criteria: Use the GroupID field as the main criteria for identifying duplicates to merge.
  4. Run the Merge Job: Execute the merge job to consolidate the duplicate records into the master records based on the GroupID.

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