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how to move tab's settings to production

How to move a zaapit tab to Salesforce’s produciton

To move a tab you can use salesforce’s change set or create the tab directly in your production. To transfer the tab’s settings from sandbox to production, use the edit-layout>import>copy and paste, copy the settings from your sandbox and paste them in your production environment. – image#1 If you need to move all the settings…
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Mass merge using csv file

How to Mass Merge contact records using a CSV file

Mass Merge contact records using a CSV file:

Report on notes and attachments

Report on notes or attachments in Salesforce

Everyone knows that Salesforce doesn’t let you to create a report of Notes and Attachments. But what if you need to see, let’s say, all Notes that were added to your Accounts / Opportunities over the last year? And furthermore, how can you update a couple of hundred of notes without having to click into…
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