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In this example, you will learn how to configure an automated lead conversion process using customized conversion criteria. You can use this setup to define specific conditions that automatically convert leads into contacts and accounts within Salesforce.

We have designed the automated lead conversion process to prevent the creation of duplicate contacts and accounts. It utilizes the lead’s email address and company name to intelligently identify existing records, ensuring data integrity and reducing redundancy. Moreover, this approach mirrors our bulk conversion capabilities, where efficiency is maintained through streamlined operations.

Furthermore, this process offers configurable options to suit your specific needs. You can choose to enable or disable the automatic detection of duplicates and the creation of new opportunities. By default, these features are disabled. This enables you to carefully manage the conversion and integration of leads into your Salesforce environment. This flexibility empowers you to tailor the conversion criteria according to your organization’s preferences and workflows, ensuring accurate data management and maximizing the effectiveness of your lead conversion efforts.

Creating an automated lead conversion process with a custom convert criteria with process builder/flows

here are some visuals examples on how to setup an automatic lead conversion process:

Auto convert with Salesforce flow
Mass convert process / flow

Mass conversion process / flow after creation


implementing an automated lead conversion process in Salesforce not only enhances efficiency by preventing duplicate contacts and accounts but also ensures data integrity through intelligent record identification. By leveraging configurable options, such as enabling duplicate detection and opportunity creation, organizations can customize their conversion workflows to align with specific needs and enhance overall data management practices. This approach empowers businesses to streamline operations, maximize productivity, and effectively manage lead conversions, ultimately driving success and growth in Salesforce environments.


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