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alternative to excel connector

Looking for an alternative to salesforce excel connector? (for Mac and Windows?)

Looking for a  Mac/Windows alternative to the retiried Excel Connector? Many companies used salesforce excel connector + Microsoft Excel for bulk updates and general data maintenance tasks. The constant process of exporting segments, identifying issues, performing refershes, and re-importing that data back into Salesforce is extremely time-consuming and prone to complications.

Automatic Lead-convert in Salesforce

The following example will show you how to setup an automatic lead-convert process with a custom convert criteria.

Fuzzy de-duplication within Salesforce

The following example will show you how to setup a fuzzy duplicates list-view with a mass-merge option using a formula within Salesforce.

mass update all rows

How to set new value in bulk using formulas?

The following is a step-by-step guide that explain how to set a new field value in bulk using a custom formula on a subset of your records / all records (without coding).

unlimited bulk updates

Breaking the sound barrier for bulk updates

Every Salesforce consultant / developer can tell you that Salesforce has a lot of development constrains aka limits – the most common one is the bulk update / insert limit (aka DML limit) which limit you to 10,000 rows per request/execution on custom code.

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