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alternative to excel connector

Looking for an alternative to salesforce excel connector? (for Mac and Windows?)

Looking for a  Mac/Windows alternative to the retiried Excel Connector? Many companies used salesforce excel connector + Microsoft Excel for bulk updates and general data maintenance tasks. The constant process of exporting segments, identifying issues, performing refershes, and re-importing that data back into Salesforce is extremely time-consuming and prone to complications.

Track Field History for Tasks

Track Field History for Tasks for Salesforce

A lot of Salesforce users & admins have asked for a task history tracking option in Salesforce in order to track status & comment changes or to generate global usage/trend report.It is now possible to do that with the following app & package, just install ZaapIT + History Tracking package (3 steps):

Conditional Styling for lists in Salesforce’s

Add custom colors, images & style to your Salesforce’s grids and lists with ease with Smart-Mass-Update / Smart-Tables for Salesforce.  Just follow the steps in the video and add your custom conditional design to your grids.

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